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Velocity Race Division

Velocity Race Division

Introducing Velocity Race Division – a name that signifies the culmination of over 15 years of unwavering commitment to professional race team services and 25 years of immersive involvement in the karting arena.

Previously known as ‘Birel Kartsport Australia’ and later ‘Compkart Australia,’ our journey has been punctuated by remarkable achievements. Velocity has soared to impressive heights in the karting realm, clinching multiple National Championships (3x), State Championships, and an impressive tally of over 40 Pro Tour victories. We've even etched our name internationally with 2 major victories on the global stage.

A New Chapter: Elevating Success Through Tailored Excellence

As we venture into 2023, Velocity Race Division embarks on a fresh chapter, dedicated to providing drivers with a tailored package designed to lay a solid foundation for success. Our unwavering commitment is to offer the finest service and equipment, ensuring our drivers have the optimal tools to shine on the track.

Our Promise: Comprehensive Support and Expertise

For each Nationals event, we take our dedication a step further. We are committed to providing a comprehensive experience that includes a full test weekend or participation in a local race meeting prior to the event. This meticulous preparation ensures our drivers are primed for excellence.

Championing Your Development: A Team of Experts

Under the guidance of our seasoned professional Driver Development Trainer, James Macken (2x Rotax World Finalist), alongside acclaimed racer Joshua Car (X30 Australian Champion, SKUSA Supernats X30 Champion, F4 US Champion), and the adept Chassis/Engine Tuner and Data Analysis Technician duo, Matt Macken and Steve Macken, your journey is guided by the very best in the business.

Streamlined Experience: "Arrive and Drive" with Confidence

At Velocity Race Division, we take care of every detail. We manage kart and equipment transportation, handle tent setup, and oversee kart preparation before and after each event. This comprehensive package offers you the opportunity to simply ‘arrive and drive,’ backed by unmatched expertise.

Join the Velocity Race Division: Let's Shape Your Victory

Ready to make your mark in the world of karting? Contact us at 0488 465 278 or drop an email at for more information on how to join the Velocity Race Division.

Elevate your racing journey with Velocity Race Division – Where excellence is nurtured, legacy is honored, and victories are sculpted.