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Getting Started

Kart Racing has evolved from a simple weekend pastime to a Nationally and Internationally organised competitive form of motorsport. Even so the original appeal remains the same.  Karts are still the most inexpensive way to enjoy the thrills and excitement of motor racing in a safe and controlled environment.

Whether you’re 6 or 66, male or female, looking for family fun or downright serious competition, the versatility of Kart Racing provides it all.

The sport enjoys an enviable safety record.  Drivers are required to wear purpose made and approved driving suits, approved safety helmets, rib protectors, gloves and race boots that cover the ankles.

Karts have inherently safe design with a low centre of gravity making them very difficult to turn over.  Being so close to the ground the impression of speed and excitement is high.  With minimal weight and a very large tyre contact area they slow or stop very quickly under brakes or when a driver gets off line.

Race meetings are run by the Karting NSW affiliated Clubs throughout New South Wales and are a controlled form of Motorsport carried out on permanent sprint tracks.  Each permanent sprint track operated by an affiliated club needs to be licenced and subject to annual safety inspections.

Perhaps the greatest benefit the entire community derives from karting is the involvement of the young in a healthy, competitive sport which invariably produces better drivers.  What better grounding for a girl or boy than a sport where they can develop their confidence and driving skills. This means that these drivers may have years of supervised motoring experience well before they are old enough to qualify for a road licence. Karting develops a sense of responsibility and competitiveness while providing safe and exciting motorsport for families and individuals both young and old.  Karting is not a free sport and damage to equipment is frowned upon by officials, parents and competitors alike.  

Karters learn the basic mechanical understanding of their karts and develop a sympathetic approach to its use. It can be a sport that will give you a good grounding for future development within a Motorsport or simply be a fun way to spend your weekends.  Young karters will soon be tomorrows road drivers and karting teaches car control, defensive driving techniques and an appreciation of other vehicles in close proximity to each other and most importantly the dangers of over driving.  All this and more in a controlled, friendly family atmosphere where the focus is just as much on fun and enjoyment as it is on the competition itself.

Step 1.     Join a club
Step 2.    Apply for a licence
Step 3.    Purchase Kart, safety equipment and basic tools
Step 4.    Get help from a club, kart shop or fellow competitor and go practice.
Step 5.    Prepare for your first race meeting.